Steel : Move type

A list of steel-type moves and type effectiveness.
update 24/11/2016
Anchor Shotsteelphysical--20100%80
Bullet Punchsteelphysical--30100%40
Corkscrew Crashsteelphysical--10%1
Doom Desiresteelspecial--5100%140
Flash CannonsteelspecialTM9110100%80
Gear Grindsteelphysical--1585%50
Gear Upsteelother--200%0
Gyro BallsteelphysicalTM745100%1
Heavy Slamsteelphysical--10100%1
Iron Defensesteelother--150%0
Iron Headsteelphysical--15100%80
Iron Tailsteelphysical--1575%100
King’s Shieldsteelother--100%0
Magnet Bombsteelphysical--200%60
Metal Burststeelphysical--10100%1
Metal Clawsteelphysical--3595%50
Metal Soundsteelother--4085%0
Meteor Mashsteelphysical--1090%90
Mirror Shotsteelspecial--1085%65
Shift Gearsteelother--100%0
Smart StrikesteelphysicalTM67100%70
Steel WingsteelphysicalTM512590%70
Sunsteel Strikesteelphysical--5100%100

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Gonna try again lol
Today is the day i got my first shiny encounter.I have made a mistake that i completely regret.I was Sos battling for a shiny beldum when it finally apeared after what seemed like hours.I paralyzed it and brought it down to 1hp with false swipe then I just started chucking heal,ultra and dusk balls at it.It wouldnt stay in the balls.I was worried because if it ran out of pp anytime soon i was screwed so i used fling and well....unfortunatley it died.So im gonna try again.Shiny hunting isnt something i do normally so if i could get some good sets i'd really appreciate the help.Im using this set.Two Aegislashes with f.swipe,shadow sneak,sacred sword,and kings shield.Then i have a Mimikyu with play rough,fling,shadow claw,and thunder wave.Then i got the owl thingy that evolves from rowlet[idk what its called]It knows f.swipe,swords dance,low kick,and leaf blade.Btw ima get two hypno and put switcheroo on them and get rid of my fling mimikyu...hopefully hypno can learn t.wave.Anyways gguys id really apreciate the help and btw i put this here because beldum is a steel type.

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Ty very useful
Learn by bleeding?lol
i found a op combo for pansage. it can learn solar beam and recycle so if you give it power herb ...
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