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What is Z-Move?

A Z-move is a special move used by a Pokemon: Super powerful moves that can only be used once in a battle. They are like “Limit Breaks” in Final Fantasy or those super hidden moves you see in some Anime.

What Pokemon can use Z-Move?

Z-moves are game changers that has the potential to change the flow of battle with in one turn. They are divided into two categories: Type-specific which can be accessed by any Pokemon as long as they are the same type as the move and Pokemon Specific like Pikachu’s Catastropika and Snorlax’s super adorable Pulverizing Pancake that can only be accessed by specific Pokemon.

How powerful it is

Z-moves do not have defined stats, rather, they just boost the power of the base move it partners with. For example, A Z-move Tackle will receive a boost in relation to its base power which is 40 and will retain its physical property, the same will apply to 80 base power Water attack with special property and so on and so forth.

Z Status Move

Z Status Move are special bonuses distributed into different moves. These are secondary effects like boosted defense or boosted attack after doing Z moves that is different across the large movepool of the entire game. For example, A Z-move Splash now grants three stages of Attack increase! Perfect for those Dragon Dance Gyarados builds!

How to Use

Z Items

With that said, Mega Rayquaza, the strongest Pokemon in the entire series that does not require a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve cannot do a Z Move after Mega Evolving or Mega Evolve after doing a Z Move. That’s totally fair because the dude got banned from the ban list after all... let that sink in. Maybe Gamefreak thought you can’t really ban him beyond that tier.


Z-Moves are very similar to Mega Evolution when it comes to requirement: they require a ring and a crystal, one item for the Pokemon and one item for the Trainer. This means that no Mega Pokemon can do a Z Move which is great game design, just imagine what a Swords Dance Mega Salamence can do with a Z Move!


Z-Move by Type

NormalBreakneck Blitz[Normalium Z]
FireInferno Overdrive[Firium Z]
WaterHydro Vortex[Waterium Z]
GrassBloom Doom[Grassium Z]
ElectricGigavolt Havoc[Electrium Z]
IceSubzero Slammer[Icium Z]
FightingAll-Out Pummeling[Fightinium Z]
PoisonAcid Downpour[Poisonium Z]
GroundTectonic Rage[Groundium Z]
FlyingSupersonic Skystrike[Flynium Z]
PsychicShattered Psyche[Psychicum Z]
BugSavage Spin-Out[Buginium Z]
RockContinental Crush[Rockium Z]
GhostNever-Ending Nightmare[Ghostium Z]
DragonDevastating Drake[Dragonium Z]
DarkBlack Hall Eclipse[Darkinium Z]
SteelCorkscrew Crash[Steelium Z]
FairyTwinkle Tackle[Fairium Z]

Exclusive Z-Move

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What’s your favourite z-moves?
<< Anonymous(Doomadreadon )
Anonymous Reply
Oceanic Opereta
I think we need a special z move for magearna
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I agree honestly.
Gardian of alola needs to be stronger
About the mega rayquaza z crystal thing. I was wondering if there is a web page for nintendo or game freak stating that mega rayquaza cant use a z move. Thanks
<< Anonymous(Gavin)
Anonymous Reply
Mega Raquayza needs a z move
I started with Popplio I was hoping for a female, instead it was male. No matter
Tapu Pokemon signature move is nature’s madness not nature power
Boo that is not mew that's mewtwo
Why is Mewtwo's sprite showing on Mew's Z-Move?
they only mention the status effects for z-splash.
maybe they should add a page for status moves for their z-move effects.

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Ty very useful
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