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how do you get lugia in pokemon moon
What is possiable moveset for oddish
That QR Code is Garchomp's
QR Code is wrong. It's Weavile's inside of Lickilicky's?
Z-Move 5
Why is Mewtwo's sprite showing on Mew's Z-Move?
Hello near the top it say the location of dexoys and it’s blank, why?
What is "bleeding"
they should also include the egg group for every pokemon on thier DB.
Recycle is not a TM in Sun and Moon. But it is in Diamond and Pearl.
Great thanks
it is not, my mistake, put the egg moves on electross.
the tynamo line is actually gengerless
they should include what competitive tier of smogon they are in to.
Venipede elvove in scolipede is the hrror pokemon for the ash
mine is at 70 and still hsn't evolve in moon
Qr code is wrong, pls update...
The QR Code is a Mismagius!
So there isnt a way to teach Sceptile in Sun/Moon?
you should add shiny and mega pokemon to this website with their qr codes.
Why does it not have the location of where you can find him.
what are the chances of riolu getting bullet punch
Change bleeding to breeding LOL!!!!
I wonder how this Charizard learn this move in the anime XYandZ
Do I get him from the guy that I got megerna from?
Qr code is for Heatran, not Giratina
The QR code is for Swirlix not Slurpuff!
How do I get dragon dance AND iron head tyranitar?
what happens when you mate a female feebas and a male gyrados
QR code does not work. It was Rotom.
This like the 5th or 6th one I have come across on this website that has the wrong qr code. Please fix it soon
I wanted alolan steel types!!! Not all of them!!!
The qr xide given is not for arceus it is for daekrai and the qr for daekrai is for dialga!please fix this!
The QR code given is Sylveon not Hawlucha
honestly i have no idea how to read this , does the names in the breed section says that they get the move through breeding or they can breed with each other for the move
Why is this move banned online free play in Sun & Moon?


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