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Where do I catch these
Ty very useful
Learn by bleeding?lol
i found a op combo for pansage. it can learn solar beam and recycle so if you give it power herb you can use it in one turn at any time in battle again XD. great for online ranked matches. makes em rage
Z-Move 14
Oceanic Opereta
i want to make my level 54 pidgeot learn heat wave plz!!!!!!1
*checks the clefairy egg move page* WHAT THE @@@ HE'S RIGHT
One of my favorite generations of Pokémon is the 7th and so I find this really helpful!
Did you know that thwackey and steenee can breed
What pokemon do you need to breed with zoroark so zoroark can learn copycat
can you find hypnosis as a TM in pokemon sun and if there is HM's can you?
So if I have a male lopunny with mirror coat(which it learned from level up),and a female serperior. The snivy will learn mirror coat on level up or move tutor?
How about the move Curse for decidueye
ooh smeargle can breed with it i can breed my smeargle my dream ball eevee to get the ultimate eevee in the ultiamte ball with EEVIUM Z
so, carnavine learns power whip and can breed it onto a bellsprout? that makes sense.
This we code is for the wrong Pokémon
WHY.... i have a shiny pony ta it don't have HorN dRIIl
never mind that, peeled mr.mime, you are a LIAR! to hatch a non-alolan vulpix, the vulpix/ninetales you leave at the daycare must be non-alolan and have everstone! the ultra wormhole is for evolving pikachu, eggecute and cubone into non-alolan raichu, non-alolan eggegutor and non-alolan marowak!
Your QR Code for Toxicroak leads to Drapion
Your QR Code for Croagunk leads to Skorupi.
I got the code but I can’t get Zekrom
I dont get it theres no information on how to get victini on pokemon sun and moon
You Put Learn By Bleeding Instead Of Breeding! HAHAHA
This QR code is for Abomasnow, not Magnezone.
All pokemon
I was looking for ground types for olivia a cubone and I realised I had one in my pc
The Egg Moves listed always say "Learn by bleeding", when 'bleeding' should be 'breeding'.
Thank you this helped me a lot in Pokemon
Today is the day i got my first shiny encounter.I have made a mistake that i completely regret.I was Sos battling for a shiny beldum when it finally apeared after what seemed like hours.I paralyzed it and brought it down to 1hp with false swipe then I just started chucking heal,ultra and dusk balls at it.It wouldnt stay in the balls.I was worried because if it ran out of pp anytime soon i was screwed so i used fling and well....unfortunatley it died.So im gonna try again.Shiny hunting isnt something i do normally so if i could get some good sets i'd really appreciate the help.Im using this set.Two Aegislashes with f.swipe,shadow sneak,sacred sword,and kings shield.Then i have a Mimikyu with play rough,fling,shadow claw,and thunder wave.Then i got the owl thingy that evolves from rowlet[idk what its called]It knows f.swipe,swords dance,low kick,and leaf blade.Btw ima get two hypno and put switcheroo on them and get rid of my fling mimikyu...hopefully hypno can learn t.wave.Anyways gguys id really apreciate the help and btw i put this here because beldum is a steel type.
What the hell is up with your wrong QR codes. They do not match the Pokemon. Dumb asses!
there's a typo, it says "Learn by bleeding" it's meant to say breeding...
Estimated level of gaogaen to learn throat chop?
It has the wrong qr code please fix.
youhave to actually a chimchar line pokemon to get a chimchar egg, go on youtube if you want to breed good pokemon
how do you get lugia in pokemon moon


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