Poke Pelago

update 16/11/2016

Poke Pelago

What is Poke Pelago?

Poke Pelago is a new feature that upgrades the existing PC system for storing Pokemon. It gives Pokemon on your PC some islands that they can play with, finally putting the question “what happens to Pokemon in my PC?” to rest.
You’ll get access to it after unlocking Charizard on Pokeride. Just open your menu and choose Poke Pelago and call the trusty fire dragon (which is still not a dragon type) to sweep you off your feet and take you to unknown territory… literally.

How many isles?

There are four all in all! There’s one for Poke beans, for training, for exploring a cave, and another for happiness!

Isles and Funcitons

Isle Abeens

It’s the bean spawning island that welcomes Pokemon with its green open field surrounded by the endless sea. At specific times of the day you can give the beanstalk a nudge and see the beans fall down free for some stylus tapping.

Beans are great treats for Pokemon, not only that, they’re also the currency you use for upgrading your island

Isle Abeens also attract wild Pokemon that you can befriend! This includes rare Pokemon not found within the game. Get those beans up!

Isle Aphum

Isle Aphun is for those who want some little adventure in their pocket islands. In here, you can task your Pokemon to explore a cave to find some items! Aside from an unlimited supply of consumable items.

Isle Evelup

You want to level up some of your friends but don’t want to take them to your journey? That may sound a bit sad but if you’re up for it, Isle Eveup is there to provide training grounds for Pokemon in the PC. Just put your box Pokemon into its slots and come back to them a bit later and watch as their levels reach their peaks!

Isle Aplenny

Planting berries in Pokemon games were always a chore. It’s tedious to go to planting areas and waiting and waiting just to get berries you need.

Gen 7 simplifies things by introducing a pocket farmland. It’s just plots that you can plant berries in and they’re accessible with a simple call to Charizard.
Now you have a farm simulator inside Pokemon!

Isle Avue

Sometimes everyone can use a breather, even Pokemon! Just put them in Isle Avue and let them enjoy a vacation from the island trials and island hopping. Mix up some Tapu Cocoa and enjoy the tropical atmosphere while your Pokemon soaks in soothing hot springs. What a time to be a Trainer.


It also gives you that feeling of doing something right by actually giving your PC Pokemon something to do other than confine them in the unjustly clutches of the PC Box.

Am I exaggerating here? No, no I’m not. I truly felt guilty for putting Rambo the Rattata on my PC years ago.

Before I break into an emotional breakdown, that’s Poke Pelago everyone. Have some fun and be the benevolent trainer that you are by unleashing all your Pokemon to find some beans or some treasure!

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