Festival Plaza

update 17/11/2016

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Festival Plaza

What is Festival Plaza?

Festival Plaza is another new feature for Pokemon Sun and Moon. It serves as the main hub for multiplayer content as well as a nice touch to the online capabilities of the new generation. It gathers guests from around the world and you can talk to them about their likes and dislikes or even play mini games with them!

Why should I take requests?

Because of the very valuable FC (Festival Coin)! FC is the currency in the Festival Plaza, it allows you to buy items from regular potions to more important ones like Pokeballs and dyes for your clothes (because fashion is important). It’s also used as a basis for adding new buildings and unlocking more stuff in the plaza.

Ways to Enjoy


The classic Pokemon. Pokemon Plaza allows you to trade Pokemon or join the online battles! Instead of a plain and dull menu interactions there’s now a vibrant plaza for all your multiplayer needs.


As mentioned, there are shops within the Plaza that rewards special items in exchange of FC. A favorite is the dye shop that gives your white colored clothes new life by coloring them in purple… or good shade of pink because pink is always nice.


Missions are mini games that you play to gain more FC. It can be played alone or with other players and revolves around simple puzzles like identifying what type a Pokemon is and what moves will be super effective to certain types. It’s a good way to earn some FC and also to learn (or review if you’re Pokemon Veteran) your knowledge about Pokemon.

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