Mandibuzz : egg moves / learn by breeding

Details of 'Mandibuzz egg moves'. a list of egg moves, parents, and how Mandibuzz can learn those moves.
update 24/11/2016



Mean Look

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
Level UpZubat / Golbat / Crobat / Murkrow
BreedVullaby / Mandibuzz

Scary Face

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
Level UpAerodactyl / Archen / Archeops / Rufflet / Braviary
BreedSpearow / Fearow / Vullaby / Mandibuzz

Knock Off

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
Level UpFarfetch'd
BreedWingull / Pelipper / Woobat / Swoobat / Archen / Archeops / Vullaby / Mandibuzz

Fake Tears

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
BreedWoobat / Swoobat / Vullaby / Mandibuzz

Foul Play

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
Level UpMurkrow / Honchkrow
BreedVullaby / Mandibuzz


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So if I have a male lopunny with mirror coat(which it learned from level up),and a female serperi...
How about the move Curse for decidueye
ooh smeargle can breed with it i can breed my smeargle my dream ball eevee to get the ultimate ee...
so, carnavine learns power whip and can breed it onto a bellsprout? that makes sense.
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