Swarm : Ability

The effect of the Swarm ability and a list of Pokemon that can have the ability.
update 24/11/2016

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When HP is below 1/3rd its maximum, power of Bug-type moves is increased by 50%.

Overworld Effect:

While travelling, the roar of common wild Pokémon can be heard more often if the Pokémon is in the lead spot.


Hidden Ability


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WHY.... i have a shiny pony ta it don't have HorN dRIIl
never mind that, peeled mr.mime, you are a LIAR! to hatch a non-alolan vulpix, the vulpix/ninetal...
Your QR Code for Toxicroak leads to Drapion
Your QR Code for Croagunk leads to Skorupi.
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