Dragalge : egg moves / learn by breeding

Details of 'Dragalge egg moves'. a list of egg moves, parents, and how Dragalge can learn those moves.
update 24/11/2016



Toxic Spikes

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
Level UpMareanie / Toxapex
BreedOmanyte / Omastar / Froakie / Frogadier / Greninja / Skrelp / Dragalge

Play Rough

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
Level UpMarill / Azumarill
BreedSkrelp / Dragalge / Drampa

Acid Armor

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
BreedShellos / Gastrodon / Skrelp / Dragalge / Goomy / Sliggoo / Goodra

Venom Drench

Parents that Learn throughPokemon
Level UpSeviper / Mareanie / Toxapex / Salandit
BreedSkrelp / Dragalge / Pyukumuku


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Ty very useful
Learn by bleeding?lol
i found a op combo for pansage. it can learn solar beam and recycle so if you give it power herb ...
Z-Move 14
Oceanic Opereta
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